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to new england over the next 48 hours. some places have already had a foot of rain. sam is on the flood watch. >>> also breaking, the radical cleric connected to the recent failed terror plots here in the u.s. is reportedly resurfacing. does it mean more attacks? brian ross has the latest on the new threats that have authorities on high alert. >>> true confession. this woman claimed to be the victim of that vicious acid attack. for the first time, we learn why she planned this hoax and burned her own face. >>> and too many wives? police investigate the family in the reality show "sister wives." one man, four women, and 16 children. will going public send the family to court? >>> good morning. >> good morning. 4 wives, 16 kids? >> maybe they should have thought about that before going on tv. >> the show's going to go on, they say. we're going to have that in our next half hour. >>> first, president obama in full campaign mode. call it his glory days tour. he's in iowa and virginia today, two of his key states from 2008. last night he had a huge college rally in wisconsin, tr
>> the mid-to atlantic has been mostly stared, but hurricane earl is set to last new england tonight. >> i can see people on the floor in the building. >> the frantic first minutes in the 911 call for help. we have the details on metro rail that you need to know. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 11:00. captioned by the national captioning institute >>> we have just learned that earl has been downgraded to a tropical storm. officials in north carolina dodged disaster. earl continues to move towards new england. we have live coverage. >> it continues, leon, the race toward the northeast. there will be some nasty weather earlier tomorrow morning. parikh it is. all of the new england coast line. it is now a tropical storm. take a look at the storm scant and you can see where earl is -- nine miles east of nantucket. there are only tropical storm warnings for the coast of new england. it will continue to race by bringing some heavy storms and strong winds. meanwhile for us, behind it it will feel like a different season and a different weather pattern. i
found two years ago by u.s. forces and handed over to the iraqi government. the england and wales cricket board and players are considering legal action against the chairman of the pakistan kict cricket board. it comes after he alleged there was talk some england players had taken enormous amounts of money to throw last friday's one-day international. in a statement the england said they refuted the allegations completely and would be working with the e.c.b. to explore all legal options. correspondent dan rowan reports. >> they're here but only just. england's players are taking part in today's one-day international at lords but the match came close klose to being abandonned after yet more allegations of corruption. following england's defeat of the oval on friday the i.c.c. launched an inquiry ri into scoring patterns. pakistan's cricket chief responded by claiming bookmakers told him some england players had thrown the game in return for money. >> what i have said is very clear. currently there is a lot of talk in the bookies' circle that some of the england players were involve
for new england this morning. >>> "good morning, maryland," i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thanks for joining us this friday. of course you want to know what's up with earl. >> meteorologist lynnette charles has the answer. good morning, lynnette. >> good morning, jamie. happy friday, everyone. what is up with earl? earl is bringing some rain to the carolinas and virginia. as we go through the morning hours once that sun comes up and go into the afternoon, i'd say maybe around 12:00, 1:00, we will be seeing earl and it will be getting out of here. here are your headlines for today. the beaches still have a tropical storm warning and hurricane watch. the winds, 30 to 60 miles per hour with that, and the waves 10 to 15. and then the bay does have coastal flood advisories in effect for today as well. so ocean city's temperature coming in at 75 degrees. this is abc 2 storm tracker. we have not seen any type of change over the past hour here. the dew point is 75 and it feels like 71. the winds have been changing and that's about it. the satellite is showing -- this is what i wa
threatened legal action over pakistan's match fixing allegations. -- england's players threatened legal action. >> the ruling party in north korea announced a crucial conference on its leadership for next tuesday. the meeting is expected to put the third son of kim jong-il in line for succession. he believed to have suffered a stroke two years ago. i asked how much was known about kim jong il's successor. >> truth be told, very little. we are not even sure how old he is. he is thought to be 26-years old, so he is very inexperienced. we know a few brief details. he is reported to have spent some time studying at a private school in switzerland. beyond that, very little is known. we don't know for sure that he is his father's chosen successor, but reading between the lines, north korea calling this a party gathering a turning point in recent weeks. that is believed to be its normal cryptic language. something significant is afoot. most agree that if a succession process is to begin, kim jong- il's son is the likely candidate to take over. >> should we expect any change in politics no matt
to maine. >> but as the storm spins toward new england, is the worst still to come? the latest news coverage on where earl is now and where it's going. >>> and good morning, everyone. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm mike marusarz, in for vinita nair. wind and rain from hurricane earl is pounding north carolina's outer banks, with gusts of more than 70 miles per hour, plus, 20-foot waves. >> here, now, is the very latest. the storm is still powerful. but has weakened now to a category 2. long island and new england are now bracing for earl, with power crews as far away as michigan, now on alert. and many transit agencies have a canceled or altered their routes today. >> the storm is sending huge bands of rain inland, as it spins up the coast like a buzz saw. we'll have more from marc mancuso, in a moment. >>> let's go live to emily schmidt, who is in atlantic beach, this morning. good morning, emily. >> reporter: good morning to you. we, for the last half hour or so, have been in the one of t one of the rain bands. it is raining here and the winds are blowing. but there's one more thing.
on people's side. labour will reduce the housing lines. >> across the south of england, we've not address the problem of housing. it is a big failure of our government. they could get rid down and make away in the war. labour, we had become dangerously disconnected from ordinary people. they look for times that we're on the side of big business, not ordinary people. we are not standing up for our principles. we need to rebuild labour from the bottom up. >> i think it for you do as a member of the european parliament. we have to be a party for every part of this country. the way we've when support is recognizing that labour is right to say that. we have to have the courage to change. on a whole series of policies, on tuition fees, on issues like civil liberties. if we have the courage to change, we can win back power in this region and across the country. >> let's get some reaction from the audience on the problems of labour in this region. you've got some thoughts. how >> was a labour candidates last election. many voters were convicted -- were certain that labour could not win here. does
nothing to address the anger which has boiled over in kashmir over the last three months. >> the england-wales cricket board and players are considering legal action against the chairman of the pakistan cricket board. this comes after he alleged there is talk among bookmakers that something good players had taken enormous amounts of money to throw last friday's international. the captain said day refuted the allegations completely and would be working closely to explore all legal options. our sports correspondent has this report. >> they are here, but only just. england's players are not taking part in the one-day international at but the match came close to being abandoned after more allegations of corruption. following in the ' on friday, an inquiry was launched into scoring patterns. the cricket chief responded by claiming bookmaker's told him some england players had thrown the game in return for money. >> what i have said is very clear. there is a lot of talk in the bookie circle that someone -- that some of the england players were involved in losing the match to pakistan. >> engla
the length of the area where all the watches have now been posted. from the carolinas way up to new england where this would be the first hurricane in years. tonight, this storm is back up to a category four. it has not made the turn to the north. 30 million people, give or take, along the east coast have got to now hope for that turn to the north to avoid a direct hit in any one place. we have all our folks standing by to cover it all. we'll start with al roker where it's beautiful off the coast of north carolina. al, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. over my shoulder you can see the red flag flying telling folks, no swimming out there, because the rip tides are getting even worse. here's the latest on hurricane earl. currently it is 630 miles south-southeast of cape hatteras. this is a category four storm. the hurricane warnings are up now along the north carolina shoreline. we have also got hurricane watches in effect and tropical storm watches as far north as the marimac river in new england and tropical storm warnings down to cape fear. the path of the storm brings it alo
. it is important we go on having conversations. in england, particularly, the catholichurch has been part of the work we have done for some time. >> evangelical alliance supports the religious freedom when he said they are growing a secular agenda. >> they gave their thoughts on the pope's visit high lighting a greater need for unity against secularism. >> britain is a church that has more in common than the things that divide us. it will help give us a united picture in this country. >> potential r for christia working together is focussed in this event. it is a reality on the ground that christians in communities work together to tell the story of jesus. >> there was a swell of support tr the british public who turned out. >> fantastic opportunitfor all cathics to see the pope in your own country. once in a lifetime opportunity, i would say. >> very exciting for all of us. >> the atmosphere on the streets here today. whoever you are, you can't not enjoy this atmosphere. it is a great event for england. >> doesn mather our religion. we have to unite. >> despite the success of the pope's
east peace talks with israel. that development comes after the united states, france, england and england all expressed concern over the west bank. meahile, george mitchl has been sent to israel in hopes of breaking the problems in the negotiations. >>> it has literally never been hoert in california than it was yesterday. downtown l.a. hitting 113 deges breaking the all-time record of 112 set back in june 1990. the heat has led to tens of thousands of power outages. in e meantime, the dry conditions have firefighters on alert. today has been forecast to be another hot one, but no records are expected to be broken. now here is a look at other stories making news today in america. in texas, an elderly couple is dead after a fire broke out in an apartment complex. they were forced to retreat when live ammunition started going off. authoritiesre investigating the cause of the fire. >>> in south dakota, the annual roundup of a free roaming buffalo herd in the black hills custer state park attracted thousands. once a year, the herd is rounded up the old fashioned way for a visit to
for maryland delaware and new jersey they extends up into new new england like cape cod. now the bigger concern is going to shift north as we look to places like basically massachusetts even long island could get in on some of this action, but the bottom line is we're looking much better now as the storm continues to pull away and 180 miles plus off of ocean city will be more than 200 miles away. we'll have much more on this and your weekend outlook much cooler coming up rosie. >>> tonight folks down in ocean city in north carolina are breathing a sigh of relief while up in new england they are holding their breath as hurricane earl moves up the coast. >> reporter: as north carolina says good-bye to earl it's preparing to say hello to thousands of forrists. >> we want to thank the people of north carolina who stood up and did what we asked them to do. >> reporter: the evacuations began when earl was a category 4 hurricane with strong enough winds to shred an american flag and throw a boat against the south carolina pier. but before earl moved near the outer banks it was downgraded to a ca
style terror plot aimed at england, spain and germany. security was beefed up at various landmarks, including buckingham palace. police say the plot originated in pakistan. that country's border has seen a recent uptick in predator drone attacks. nbc news is told there is no connection between the strike and the european threats. >>> now here is a look at other stories making news early today in america. in california, police are looking for a robbery suspected wanted in a violent purse snatching attempt. a man reached from behind and grabbed her purse. when she refused to let go, the suspect dragged her on the ground and punching her several times before running away. the victim suffered minor cuts and bruises. >>> a missouri man is behind bars after leading police on a high speed chase that at one point crossed over into kansas and back to missouri in a stolen vehicle. the suspect can all caused mayhem along the way, speeding through an intersection and colliding into two vehicles at 80 miles per hour. the suspect gave up when the vehicle's tires blew out. >>> in ohio, a bizarre
news at 5:30. >> thank you jeff gentleman storm is over ocean city bbt -únew england is still in earl's massachusetts with in theethe preparattons there. helll rrming? >>reporter: hi karen. that'' exactly right. today marks the start of llbor day weekend anddthe end of the traditional suumer holiday for a lot of people they want to o to the sun, and and surf but here in massachusetts people are thinking about heading to safety officer want cape od to know they are sheltered from theestorm. >> latest you can go in. any time. >>reporter: if the winds are stuck. they are goinngto be >> get to 70 miles an hour did >> got it. get off early. 3 >>reporter: nocht is running from the storm. >> cover my shift. >>reporter: suntan staff of 6 biggest hope is that earls his -úbrings some ig waves. >> really good curl. >>reporter: still this is a hurricane. and when labor day weekend and 26 million americans are affecced by earl most are probaaly thinkinn. >> i don'' like it. >>reporter: hurricane earl flooded roads in north carolina and left several ttousand people with no power bu
gambling -- four players were involved during the recent war in england -- it has highlighted this and get back to make millions from the outcome of a single game. a look at how in the end gains are at the heart of an international network for cricket and criminality come together. >> mumbai, the maximum city of north dakota, and the center of cricket illegal gambling industry. adowy as part of the shuttle world. with millions of dollars been bet, the stakes are high. >> it is not new, and will continue. millions have been bet, and make moneyne tends to through. despite the controls, people are still gambling today. bookies make bets on every ball, every session. gambling runs in the blood. >> he learned to play cricket here. youngsters and dream of following in his footsteps, but it is cricket still a fair contest? between bat and ball, with the underworld try to strengthen their hold, can the authorities keep it clean? >> it is so wide in the main, the most there is proper permission for enforcement, it is hard to know who was doing what. >> [unintelligible] prices deepen -- it is time t
identity and culture. in the german magazine "focus," he said england is a secular and pluralistic country. when you land at heathrow airport you sometimes think you landed at the third world country. when asked are christians in england discriminated against, he said an aggressive neo-'80s and is widespread. if you wear a cross at british airways, you are discriminated against. it is not known whether the pope has been told about the cardinals views. some catholic commentators have expressed their unease. >> they concern me because some of them, such as this about be a discriminates against anybody who flies with them and where's the crucifix, is obviously a distortion of a news story from some time ago. it does make me wonder what people talk about in the vatican about britain. >> the vatican has concerned the cardinal will not be joining the pope on his trip to britain. it says it has nothing to do with his comments. it is because the cardinal is unwell. a vatican spokesman says the cardinal's opinions were not intended to show any dislike of the united kingdom. tonight, the leader of t
and it will push off quickly to north and east. more problems for southern new england including cape cod and the island as it pushes out of here very quickly. as gurvir mentioned, most of the weekend will be nice. saturday, sunday and monday look fantastic. for the beaches from the crimes right up to new england, 75 degrees right now at reagan national. warm start, our forecast today is awe simple one -- is a simple one. high temperatures in the 90s. here is your forecast, 93 degrees. code orange air quality. we will have a southerly breeze today. we have a coastal flood advisory off to the south for southern portions of the chesapeake bay. some of that water will get pushed up from the south. five-day forecast, there we go. 91 tomorrow. breezy conditions at times off to the east and south closer to the beaches. saturday, sunday, monday, i mentioned look fantastic. sunshine, high temperatures in the low 80s. >>> let's get to on-time traffic with julie wright. >> for those traveling along the westbound stretch of the freeway downtown, that is where we had some rough pavement over near eig
. what does that even mean? you have to go back to the time period. england. what had happened in england? why was the black robe regimen so important in the revolutionary war? because people were going to church. but whitefield make impression on people because he reject ed the church of the government. the church of england. he said this. this isn't about god. god needs to be between you two. god and you. the state has no place in that. england had a state church. it went more than the church of england. you had to pay tithe. it was a tax there. wasn't an opportunity to worship as you chose. that's why whitefield didn't go preach in the churches. he had to do it out in the fields. that's where our founders were trying to guard against. they knew what would happen when a state said hey, wait a minute. we have these people who will listen to anything because they're stupid, i guess. and they'll just listen to whatever their pastor says. so, if we can co-op the state, we can get them to do anything. that's what they were guarding against. almost like what is happening with social justice a
with americans frustrated with the economic slump. >>> feline fiasco. a woman in england faces the music for tossing a cat into a garbage bin. >>> and terror in the stands. horrifying moments as a bleacher packed with spectators collapses in brazil. good morning, i'm lynn berry. those stories and more are straight ahead. this is "first look" on msnbc. >>> we begin this morning with on the defensive. at a town hall held by cnbc in the nation's capital, president obama held his ground while frustrated citizens took turns taking shots at his economic strategy. the president repeatedly defended his policies while fielding pointed questions from americans who fear the worst from the economy. nbc's steve handelsman has more. >> quite frankly, i'm exhausted. i'm exhausted of defending you, defending your administration. >> reporter: self-described obama supporters laid into him live on cnbc's town hall. people like velma hart. >> that i voted for a man who said he was going to change things in a meaningful way for the middle class. i'm one of those people, and i'm waiting, sir. i'm waiting. i d
england are getting set for what could be a very windd and rainy beginning to the lengthy labor day weekend. hello, ramie. >> reporter: hay, jeff, that's exactly right. tte last few minutes just forn i've got to say it is friday and the tart of the labor day weekend. a lot of people are headed to the beaches looking forrsun, sand, and surf. here in massachusetts they'll get some sand and lot of surf they're looking for one other s word, and thht's safety. strong waaes, ind, and rain. millions of americans in the northeast arr heading into labor day weekend with an uninvited guest. his name is earl. the torm has caused many detours in hollday weekend plans all in theename of caution..33 if it gets near about 70 miles an hour, they do shut the -ridges.3 so get off early. hurricane earth flooded homes in north carolina and left thouuand people without power. damage was inut minimal and no downngraded 2!! graded to as category 1. residents and tourists in coastal areas like new york'ss3 long island started to feel a bii more at ease. >> people are houses are nervous. they want to
to england's diana princess of wales will be auctioned off this week. the diamonds and cultured pearls are valued at over $1 million. >>> now for a look at your national and regional weather, here is bill karins with a look at your forecast. good morning, bill. >> good morning to you and welcome. >> thank you. >> you come up in the northeast from miami, get nice, cool, enjoyable air, but that's not going to be the case. >> i'm ready for the fall. so bring it on. >> unfortunately, i can't give it to you quite yet and that's going to be the story. it's been very hot the last couple days from atlanta back down through the deep south. we've had near 100 degree heat in areas of tennessee. yesterday was a steamy date day here in the southeast. now some of that air is pushing into the mid-atlantic and we're even going to make it up to boston. current temperatures this morning, we're in the 60s in new york, d.c., boston, chicago is at 66. we did get some of that rain yesterday as expected. the only cool air is montana up through the dakotas. so here is a look at the satellite and radar informa
that has settled over the great lakes and new england. so it's definitely a split forecast. you can see chicago, 75. atlanta, 91. so we're still in the 90s from texas to florida. more or less in the late summer/fall air mass as you'd expect from chicago, detroit, all the way into areas of the east. but it's quiet today. not a lot of wet weather. that's a look at your monday forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. sunshine, another 90 degree day possible in raleigh, north carolina. houston today, very warm. we had a lot of heavy rain over the weekend in south texas. that should slowly improve today. some showers in the forecast. lynn, we'll sneak in to fall this week. give you the forecast coming up. >> it's here. all right, bill, thank you. >>> remember the phrase, as gm goes, so goeses nation? well, a big part of the company may be bought by the chinese government. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus perpetual troublemakers paris hilton and lindsay lohan spend the weekend weaving their way through legal issues. >> another rough out
reportedly uncovered a plot to carry out what's being called moon by style attacks in england, france and germany. apparently this has been on the radar of european officials for some time, where multiple threats in france before just yesterday the eiffel tower was evacuated following a bomb strike. some recent missile strikes in unmanned drones in pakistan were aimed at the planners of the suspected plots in europe. despite yesterday's reports, threat levels in the targeted country have not been raised. >> now here's a look at other stories making news early today in america. the u.s. navy is investigating an unauthorized exercised that took place over california's lake tahoe. two navy helicopters were seen hovering and dipping temporarily in the waters, resulting in an estimated $50,000 to $500,000 in damages. while the helicopters are back in service, both pilots have been grounded until the end of the investigation. >>> stunning video shows for the first time a school of blue whales swimming off the california coastline. biologists say new weather patterns and cooler waters bringi
for the network for over 30 years. newman's family says the 91-year-old died of pneumonia in england last month. they delayed the announcement to spend time privately grieving. >>> boeing says it's planning to offer private citizens a chance to supply into space on a commercial rocket that is developing. the spacecraft, which can carry up to seven people, is expected to be ready in five years, although boeing has not named an exact price. experts estimate that one round trip ticket to the international space station could easily cost $25 million. for one person. what recession? >>> now here is a look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opened at 10,572 after gaining 46 points yesterday. the s&p added 3 points. the nasdaq climbed 11. taking a look at overseas trading this morning, in tokyo, the nikkei fell 7 points. while in hong kong, the hang seng lost 34. >>> investors, look on the bright side of mixed economic data yesterday for the proof that predicting where the markets are heading these days is a tracky business. traders set aside weak manufacturing data out of new york stat
-old died of pneumonia in england last month. they delayed the announcement to spend time privately grieving. >>> boeing says it's planning to offer private citizens a chance to fly into space on a commercial rocket that is developing. the spacecraft, which can carry up to seven people, is expected to be ready in five years, although boeing has not named an exact price, experts estimate that one round-trip ticket to the international space station could easily cost $25 million. better be a bag of pretzels involved in that. here's your "first look" at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 10,572 after gaining 46 points yesterday. the s&p added 3 points. the nasdaq climbed 11. taking a look at overseas trading, this morning in tokyo the nikkei fell 7 points. while in hong kong, the hang seng lost 34. >>> investors, look on the bright side of mixed economic data yesterday, and it's all further proof that predicting where the markets are heading these days is a tricky business. traders set aside weak manufacturing data out of new york state, focusing instead on a second straigh
with israel. that development comes after the united states, france, england and the united nations all expressed disappointment over israel's refusal to extend a ten-month building freeze on settlement construction in the west bank. meanwhile, george mitchell has been sent to israel in hopes of breaking the stalemate in the peace negotiations. >>> the old saying maybe it never rains in southern california, but it has literally never been hotter there than it was yesterday. check this out. downtown l.a. hitting 113 degrees breaking the all-time record of 112 set back in june 1990. the heat has led to tens of thousands of power outages. in the meantime, the dry conditions have firefighters on alert. today has been forecast to be another hot one, but no records are expected to be broken. >>> now here is a look at other stories making news today in america. in texas, an elderly couple is dead and one firefighter recovering after a two-alarm fire broke out in an apartment complex. responders fought late into the morning to control the flames. they were forced to retreat when live ammunition
all the way to new england. a huge stretch of the east coast in the strike zone. >> the hurricane's coming and i'm hoping we can make it back into town fairly quickly. i'm a little nervous about the roads and the backups for the evacuations. >> reporter: and so, anxious vacationers packed in their weekend plans, headed to safer ground, while on new york's long island, marinas hauled boats out of the water. >> the tidal surge is going to be tremendous, 10, 11, 12 -- they'll be above all the pylons. if a pylon comes down on one of those boats, it will sink. >> reporter: as millions now watch to see where earl will go. the storm already crashing labor day weekend plans up and down the coast. now, here in north carolina, some national guard troops have already been deployed here along the coast. meantime, the president has answered the call for federal aid, and fema is standing by ready to help after the storm. the worst here along the outer banks expected overnight tonight and into the morning. lynn? >> kristen dahlgren there for us in north carolina. kristen, thank you. >>> police i
yesterday. rain early today in new england, but all the severe weather and the bad storms have eted. we're watching hot conditions alung the gulf and cooler weather in the plains. as far as the wet weather goes, most of it is exiting. that's a look at your national forecast. here a look at the weather outside your window. we're clearing out nicely from d.c. to new york. temperatures are still pretty mild. raleigh to atlanta, temperatures near 90. yesterday raleigh was in the 90s once again breaking the record for the most 90-degree days. we'll have the weekend forecast coming up a little later in the show. >> all right. bill, thank you. >>> unemployment improves. gold hits the ights and a tweeter makes the most wanted list. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, is he pulling our leg just an eccentric artist? we've got the answer. >>> a perfect storm hits the wnba. more bad news for floyd mayweather. and what would you do if you were hit in the face by an 89-mile-an-hour fastball? >>> good morning and welcome back to "early today." i'm lynn berry. here are
up to new england by tomorrow. the storm is going to accelerate up the coast. it has a slight chance of becoming tropical storm nicole. even if it does, the winds will be very strong, not like an organized drop cam system we track. you can see the moisture streaming to the north. being sucked up here in the eastern seaboard. we're going to get drenched. we'll have flooding problems in thursday, friday, new jersey, eastern pennsylvania. carolinas in the wilmington area are going to have flooding concerns in the next 24 to 48 hours. the rest of the country, gorgeous. high pressure protects you with the nice weather. right along the east coast. the stalled out front is a conveyor belt of tropical moisture coming up the coast. you can see it, the storm is down in the stlraits but a ton f moisture is streaming in for south carolina, raleigh, to wilmington. when this happens for 36 hours like this, on top of saturated soil, we'll see flooding conditions. the yellow is two inches. the orange is the darker colors along the coast. maryland, delaware, eastern north carolina, southern new engla
england, boston right now 62 degrees. new york city, 61. washington, d.c., 63. and atlanta, checking in at 68. we still have the heat, however, as we move out into the southwest, phoenix 93, and cooler temperatures in the pacific northwest. now, as far as the moisture across the country, we are watching several areas here especially the high plains around the great lakes and also watching tropical moisture in the southern gulf of mexico. that is a tropical depression that we'll have to watch, it could become hermine, but it will bring squally concerns in to south texas. today new york 81, washington, d.c. looking good at 84. atlanta, 89. dallas, about 93 degrees for your high temperature. cloudy, cool, rainy in the pacific northwest, but look for high temperatures right around 62 degrees. so that's your labor day forecast. back to work here as we move in to your tuesday. looking unsettled here in the lone star state, showers and thunderstorms continue to cool seattle. new england, temperatures will warm up. that's a look at the weather across the country. here's a look at the weather
. it is headed toward england. here are the latest statistics. we also have fiona out there. that is a tropical storm. both are headed to the east and northeast right now. let me put the map in motion. we will concentrate on earl. it will be a category one storm later. it will be a little bit weaker than now. it will be passing near nantucket and cape cod around midnight. it will probably produce similar effects to ocean city. the storm will be a little closer to them than ocean city. we then advance our movement a bit. for me -- fiona goes right over the bermuda. that is just a storm. earl then goes into the maritime provinces. gaston has lost its identity, but it is still a storm in the atlantic. it could recharge its batteries. it is moving towards the caribbean. the remnants may still cause problems in the next week or so. we will keep an eye on all this and bring you an update on the forecast for the weekend in a minute. >> hurricane earl brushed the outer banks of north carolina this morning. it brought heavy rain, flash flooding, and storm surges. it stayed off shore. the widespread dama
england. >> hello again, i'm jennife jeff barnes. iim karen parks. marylaad more than 150 miles %-packed quite a punch causing huge waves and some minor flooding. people already in ocean city for wwth the storm's power. >> it's definitely a sight to3 see. youudon't see this veryyoften. >> mother nature's pretty powerful. seeing it in he flesh ann blood, t's pretty lively. . >> ocean city is preparing to %-holiday weekend. the long >>> one person had the wrong idea during the storm. he's a surfer who decided to go outtinto the wavessduring the hurricann. well, that violated restrictions on swimming and surfing during the storm. the man received two $300 citttions. >>> ii thh meantime hurricane earl is moving away from us toward new england. now the sky is already gray up -here and the winds are picking up as well. %-the hardest as the hurricanet people there are already boarding up theer houses and storefronts, but many will stick >> we're not leaving. >> why not? myylife, and we're used to itt i think we'll be ine. >> we're inland. would feel pretty confident in i -y residu residence.
or more be? we'll take to you new england to find out. annoas in strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and bananas, which makes them really delicious. ♪ that's what we're made of. ♪ >>> it's 6:39 right now. we've been waiting for hurricane earl all week long and now it's taking aim at north carolina particularly around kill devil hills, kittyhawk and that area of north carolina. that's where we find sandra endo who's live with more on the situation there. sandra, good morning. >> reporter: well, megan, this is the starting point of hurricane earl's path up along the east coast. and the brush along north carolina shores earlier this morning and we're still feeling strong weekends and pelting rain. we are seeing high surf as well. we understand there's no reported damage in the county as of yet. the mayor has said 90% or so of the tourists have fled town because there's several evacuation orders. as the storm makes its way up thest east, the president will i'm sandra indoe for abc 2 news. >>> if you are watching us, your bags are packed and you say, should i go now? people up and
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